An Introduction of College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

The College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Central South University was established in September 2002. It is originated from the Basic Chemistry Teaching and Research Department of Central South University of Mining and Metallurgy, founded by Prof Chen Xinmin (Fellow of Chinese Academy of Sciences and an expert in non-ferrous metallurgy with high reputation internationally) in 1952. It then got evolution through merging with the former College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Central South University of Technology, the former Fundamental Chemistry Teaching and Research Section of Hunan Medical University, and the former Chemistry Teaching and Research Section of Changsha Railway University. Now it is a comprehensive college integrating teaching, research, talents cultivation and application development after 20 year of high-speed progress.

There are currently 221 staffs in the college, including 68 professors, 67 associate professors and 63 doctoral student supervisors. Here, we also have high level experts, including 1 fellow of the Eurasian Academy of Sciences, 1 national-level teaching expert, 1 winner of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, 3 National Special Experts awarded by the Central Organization Department, and 18 other national /provincial/ministerial level experts.

We have 2 “level one” majors to offer postdoctoral research stations (chemical engineering and technology, chemistry). We also offer high quality postgraduate courses including offering master degree study and doctoral programs. In detail, we have 2 “level one” majors (chemical engineering and technology, chemistry) and 1 “level two” major(metallurgical physical chemistry) that can authorize doctoral degree, 2 engineering doctorate programs (materials and chemical engineering, biology and medicine) and 12 master degree programs (chemical engineering, chemical technology, biochemical engineering, applied chemistry, industrial catalysis, pharmaceutical engineering, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, polymer chemistry and physics, environmental chemistry). Among them, the major chemical engineering and technology is among the top 1‰ of ESI in the world and ranked 51-75 by ARWU.